Sing the Sun’s Return

Available for purchase at CDbaby and iTunes

In 2015, Lynn and Will Rowan recorded and produced Sing the Sun’s Return: Wassails and Carols for Yuletide, a CD of traditional and original folk songs for the midwinter holy days. This CD offers an alternative to mainstream holiday music, informed by folk customs, animist spirituality, and the revived worship of ancient deities.

Lynn and Will accompany their stunning vocal harmonies with the Lithuanian Kanklės, piano, bodhrán, and clay flute. They are joined by Ben Sachs-Hamilton on bass vocals, Aidan Talbot on pennywhistle, Chris LaFond on Harp, and Donovan Arthen on percussion.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alan Stockwell at Black Mountain Audio in Brattleboro, VT. Original art and graphic design by Jesse Massaro.

Available for purchase at CDbaby and iTunes

“This album is a must for Pagans and Heathens looking for something more traditional to listen to, and sing along with during the Yule Season.” –Wildspirit Magazine

Many of the songs on the CD are also printed in the Chase Hill Yule Songbook, available at